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Issues and Challenges Encountered by the Front-Office Staff to Attain Foreign Language Proficiency

Some of the issues identified as per this study are –

• Demanding job profile

• Lengthy work hours

• Time constraints

• Lack of motivation

• Cost constraints

As per the managerial perspective there are lot many challenges in making the front office staff proficient in a number of foreign languages. First of all the staff is not sufficiently motivated mainly due to the highly demanding job profile and lack of time. Also it is very expensive to hire competent trainers to impart efficient training to the front office staff.

Providing foreign language proficiency to the front office staff requires a strong managerial will in terms of providing the appropriate support system and channelizing a fair proportion of the revenues for training. Some of the recommendations in this context are as follows –

• Training for working knowledge of a few foreign languages should be incorporated as part of the basic training provided to front office staff.

• Language laboratories can be instituted within the premises and front office staff can be encouraged to make maximum use of the same.

• A study of the customer profile can be conducted to identify the countries from where the majority of international customers are being entertained. This can help in prioritizing and identifying a few crucial foreign languages in which training must be imparted to the front office staff.

• Provision should be made for providing advanced training in foreign languages during the work hours.

• Employees who excel in foreign language proficiency could be given some special incentives and rewards.

• Also excelling employees could stand a better chance during promotions and career progression.

Table 1: Foreign Language Proficiency of the Front Office Staff- Factors and Dimensions

table1Foreign Language Proficiency-1

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