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Work on social constructionism and phenomenology is dominated by a variety of critical hermeneutic approaches (Roberge, 2011; Heidegger, 1959; Anonymous, 1975). While many of these have been operationalized, Ricoeur’s (1971, 1978a, 1978b, 1978c) influential tripartite methodical approach, composed of (1) moment of social-historical analysis, (2) moment of formal analysis and (3) moment of interpretation-reinterpretation, is yet to be brought to life in corporate marketing studies. Given the limited volume of literature in this regard, this paper adds to existing knowledge by providing a detailed analysis of how Union Bank’s corporate advertising text can be deconstructed through Ricoeur’s tripartite method of text analysis.

The importance of pursuing this exercise via Ricoeur’s tripartite approach is that academics and practitioners are given further insights into the levels of analysis through which meanings evolve. This paper has been divided into four parts and this constitutes the first. The second examines the meaning of critical hermeneutics and its criticisms. The third part discusses how meanings are generated through the deconstruction of Union Bank Plc’s corporate advertising text using Ricoeur’s tripartite method of analysis. The paper ends with a review of issues discussed. Payday Loans Online

The word hermeneutics was derived from the Greek word hermeneutikos, described by Bauman (2010) as being related to explaining, rendering the obscure plain and making an unclear phenomenon clear. Originally, the pursuit of critical hermeneutics commenced as religious and theological phenomenon governing the interpretation of laws and Holy Scriptures. Later, it developed into a field of study. Contribution to towards this development was made by Schleiermacher (1985); Dilthey (1976); Heidegger (1949, 1959, 1962); Gadamer (1975); Ricoeur (1974); and Derrida (1979, 1978).

Hermeneutics proved to be much bigger than theology or legal theory. Hermeneutics is conceived as requirement for understanding codes in texts. Hermeneutics is not restricted to religious studies. It has been used in business research (see for instance Aredal, 1986; Boland, 1989; Francis, 1994; Gabriel, 1991; Hirschman, 1990; Lee, 1994; Meredith et al, 1989; Parker and Roffey, 1997; Phillips and Brown, 1993; Standing and Standing, 1999; Thompson, 1993; Thompson, Locander and Pollio, 1990; Wolf, 1996).

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