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with reference to Union Bank’s corporate advertisement titled ‘You can depend on Union Bank’, which appears on page ten of Thursday, July 20, 1989 edition of Punch newspaper, the intentional aspects are the headline, the first sentence of the second paragraph and the first sentence in the third paragraph of the details of the advertisement. The headline: ‘You can depend on Union Bank’ is a curiosity headline developed to draw the reader to read the supporting text. The headline signifies that Union Bank is a dependable, trustworthy, loyal, faithful, responsible and steadfast financial institution on which customers can rely. Buyers and Sellers

The first sentence of the second paragraph of the details of the body copy which reads: ‘Growing bigger, we now have over eleven thousand experienced and dutiful staff in over two hundred branches spread around the urban and rural areas of the nation’, equally implies something. It means that the size of the bank is developing and increasing consistently and has employed a total of eleven thousand people. This large staff strength distinguishes Union Bank as large financial institution and a vast employer of labour in the Nigerian financial services sector. No other bank has eleven thousand employees. The third intentional aspect is the first sentence in the third paragraph of the details of the advertisement and it states: ‘Growing stronger, we continue to set the pace with our unique Business Advisory Service – the first by any Nigerian Bank’. Union Bank has developed and increased steadily in strength. It provides Business Advisory Service under an initiative developed to examine business and financial activities of businesses and offer advice freely to customers when solicited. This initiative distinguishes Union Bank from other financial institutions. This is the first of its nature in Nigeria and it once again differentiates, distinguishes and sets Union Bank of Nigeria Limited apart from other financial institutions in the country.

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Figure 1: Union Bank Nigeria Ltd. Corporate Advertisement

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