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The role of the coach is extremely important. Therefore, the sports psychology has become a very interesting field of research in the recent years (Moradi et al., 2012). Another reason for which issues of psychology for coaches are being studied largely in the academic literature is because coaching is a very demanding and stressful profession (Koustelios, 2010). This is because the coaches are expected and assumed to undertake multiple roles, such as be responsible for public relations, support the players, and finding sponsorships (Koustelios, 2010). Coaching demands the acquisition of sufficient sport knowledge, whereas it can be considered as an educational activity, helping the athletes to be developed as a whole and not only to be taught with the required techniques and tactics (Drakou et al., 2006).

The increased anxiety (stress) in the workplace, the subsequent burnout as well as job satisfaction are areas studied extensively in organizational research since they are related to the performance of workers and hence constitute an interesting area of human resource management. More specifically, the stress (Malinauskas et al., 2010; Koustelios, 2010), and the lack of job satisfaction (Koustelios and Kousteliou, 2001) are followed by job burnout.

This paper deals with both the job burnout and the job satisfaction of coaches. More precisely, this paper will explore through secondary research, namely the review of the international bibliography, the job burnout of coaches of various sports, as well as those factors that contribute to their professional satisfaction.

Although the issue of burnout and satisfaction in sport has been studied by other researchers, this article aims to gather all those studies that have been conducted in this academic area. In this way the instruments for measuring burnout will be identified, while the factors that contribute to job satisfaction of coaches will be highlighted.

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