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Factors along with Dimensions

Factor 1: Staff

Dimension 1: The staff’s readiness to listen to customer’s needs Dimension 2: The willingness to help customer
Dimension 3: The staff’s ability to instill confidence in customer’s psychology
Dimension 4: Staff’s knowledge to answer customer’s questions
Dimension 5: Staff’s dealing with customer in a caring fashion
Dimension 6: Giving prompt respond to customer’s problems and/or suggestions Youth in Peacebuilding

Factor 2: Infrastructure, tools & technologies

Dimension 7: Providing affective infrastructural facility services
Dimension 8: Visibility of the service provided
Dimension 9: Staffs are dressed appropriately for their position
Dimension 10: Proper utilization of technologies (Software)
Dimension 11: Presence of State-of-the-art-Technologies
Dimension 12: Efficient Service capacity facility utilization Factor 3: Queue Time
Dimension 13: Services provided at times listed
Dimension 14: Convenience to personal schedule
Dimension 15: Actual waiting time was satisfactory compared to the expected time Analysis Plan

For the analysis, the expectation score was subtracted from the perception (P-E) score for each item in the 15 dimensions. The average SERVQUAL scores for the dimensions pertaining to each of the

3 factors were totaled and then divided by the number of dimensions making up the factor. The scores obtained for the 3 factors represented the outweighed measure of service quality. The weighted score was the average SERVQUAL score multiplied by the importance weight for each dimension (total 100 points). A total of 100 points were allocated to theses dimensions as well as to rank their importance. The lower the weighted score, the lower is the perception level for the customers. This study aims to minimize and improve the perception gap in the recommendations.

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