IMPACT OF QUEUE ON CUSTOMERS: Reliability of the Study

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It is an honor to write the foreword for The Reliability and Validity of the SERVQUAL method. The SERVQUAL stands alone as one of the truly excellent, empirically validated, comprehensive, and standardized measurement tools for service quality. As a measurement instrument, the SERVQUAL offers a measure of individual survey risks and assets across multiple dimensions, capturing environment, culture, and community contexts. This instrument seemed to be interesting because it offered a useful way to identify and measure customer satisfaction indexes or criterions.

Validity and reliability studies on the SERVQUAL have repeatedly shown acceptable psychometric characteristics as both a research measure and as a developing management practice tool, but there has not been an easy way for practitioners to evaluate this information. Payday Loans Online

The survey method was well organized and provided basic validity and reliability assurance and limitations of the measure. The artificiality of the survey format puts a strain on validity. Since people’s real feelings are hard to grasp in terms of such dichotomies as “agree/disagree,” “support/oppose,” “like/dislike,” etc., these are only approximate indicators of what we have in mind when we create the questions. Reliability, on the other hand, is a clearer matter. Survey research presents all subjects with a standardized stimulus, and so goes a long way toward eliminating unreliability in the researcher’s observations. Careful wording, format, content, etc. can reduce significantly the subject’s own unreliability.

The reliability of the data was tested using Cronbachs’ Alpha for each SERVQUAL-dimension, each factors, each dimensions. The alphas for the 15 dimensions varied between 0.63 and 0.95 with an average value of 0.79, which suggests a successful adaptation of the SERVQUAL approach. The validity was tested using the face validity concept. The face-validity was suggested by experts within the retail shops (management team)

Assumptions of SERVQUAL Conditions include that the results of market survey were accurate and customer’s needs can be documented & captured & they remain stable during the whole research process.

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