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The following are the major findings of the study:-

1. BPCL – Kochi Refinery Limited provides adequate job security to the employees which motivate them to do their work.

2. The employees are free from various tensions regarding their family security and thus they devote more time for their work.

3. BPCL – Kochi Refinery Limited should give more emphasis on training and development programmes.

4. Inter personal relationships among employees existing in the organisation needs more encouragement.

5. There is free flow of communication between subordinates, superiors and peer groups.

6. Inter departmental relationships in BPCL – Kochi Refinery Limited is excellent.

7. Majority of the employees are of the view that the promotion policies adopted by the company should be revised.

8. The grievance handling system is favoured and unfavoured by the employees equally.

9. Job rotation system should be improved with a view to develop multiple skills in employees and create greater job interest and career options.

10. Career development in the company is limited only to ambitious and achievement oriented employees for improving their skills.

11. The employees do not have greater involvement in decision-making.

12. The employees are highly satisfied with the medical benefits provided by the company.

13. Majority of the employees feels that the transportation facilities should be improved.

14. The employees are satisfied with the sick, casual, maternity and personal leave provided to them.

15. The canteen facility of BPCL – Kochi Refinery Limited is excellent.

16. The leave travel facilities provided by BPCL – Kochi Refinery Limited are satisfactory.

17. The employees are satisfied housing facilities.

18. BPCL – Kochi Refinery Limited has excellent club facilities in the form of music, sports, games and theatre.

19. BPCL – Kochi Refinery Limited provides good salary package to employees, which energises them to work more and reduce labour turnover.

20. The employees are satisfied with the incentives earned.

21. The company gives adequate importance to its retired employees through its medical benefit scheme and pension package.

22. BPCL – Kochi Refinery Limited’s housing, vehicle and educational loans at concessional rate of interest are satisfactory.


Based on the above findings, the following recommendations are made for improving job satisfaction among employees in BPCL – Kochi Refinery Limited.

1. Training programmes has to be provided based on the job content. It should be job related and knowledge based.

2. More and more opportunities should be provided to employees to promote inter personal relationships.

3. Incentives may be provided to employees who successfully complete courses under company’s education assistance scheme.

4. The company should re-introduce the transportation facility to its officers which will reduce cost over-run and savings in income.

5. Job rotation is to be made atleast once in three years.

6. The promotion policy should be time bound and uniform inorder to keep the morale of the employees high.

7. The grievance handling system should be made more efficient and the company should see that complaints are solved quickly.

8. The employees should be given an opportunity to participate in decision-making. So that the decisions can be smoothly implemented.


An employee’s assessment of how satisfied or dissatisfied he or she is with his or her job is a complex summation of a number of discrete job elements. This job satisfaction study was a procedure by which employees report their feelings towards their job and work environment. It helped as a powerful diagnostic instrument for assessing employee problems.

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